Frank Chambers is an in-demand bassoon teacher and freelance musician in the Houston area with more than twenty years experience, who operates a studio of 50+ students and maintains a busy masterclass schedule. His passion for teaching launched, an online resource dedicated to filling knowledge gaps for all levels of classroom teacher. 

After graduating with his undergraduate degree, Frank performed with the Blast!, Inc. production Blast 2: Shockwave at Disney World’s Epoct Center and on a US tour. He continued with Blast!, Inc. during a run of Cyberjam in London’s West End. Returning to the US, he completed graduate school and earned his teaching certificate before taking a position teaching high school band. After five years in the classroom, the desire to teach bassoon resurfaced and he has since been fulfilling that calling. 

Frank holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Bassoon Performance from the University of Houston where he studied with J. Jeff Robinson and Marilyn Chappell. He credits Eddie Green and Tom Bennett with showing him how to divine the nuances of wind playing, Cheryl Huddleston with opening his eyes to the best approach to developing young bassoon embouchures, and Ben Kamins and Rian Craypo for revealing the secrets to producing consistent bassoon reeds.

Frank lives in Spring, TX with his wife Samantha, their two cats, and Mele, a puppy with limitless energy. In his free time, he can be found wandering nature, reading, or writing novels.