What is TeachingBasoon

Our goal is to provide instructional help for the classroom, and at the same time, develop your Bassoon teaching abilities. Watch this video then scroll down for a sample of the material offered.

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Samples of Classroom Videos

Classroom videos aim to instruct bassoon students directly. These videos introduce concepts and include Pause and Practice moments for the teacher to guide students through practicing the concept during class. 

Reed and Bocal -
Matching C

Walk up to F - Learning D, E, and Whisper Key F

Let's Crow!

Assembling the Bassoon

Right Hand Position

Sample of Videos for Educators

Videos for Educators explores the concepts taught in the Classroom Videos at an informational level, delving deeper into the concept, its origin, and common issues that arise from students.

Oral Cavity Explanation

Video List

For the Classroom

For Educators

 Unit 1: Building the Bassoonist
  • Defining the Oral Cavity
  • Breathing and Blowing Exercise
  • Introduction to Bocal Care
  • Bassoon Reed Basics
  • Embouchure Essentials
  • Let’s Crow
  • Introduction to Reed and Bocal
  • Starts and Stops
  • Bocal Basics
  • Bocal Basics – Matching C


Unit 2: Building the Body

  • Sitting on the Strap
  • Putting the Bassoon Together
  • Disassembly and Care
  • Tongue Twice plus Play Along
  • Left Hand Position
  • C Exercise
  • Tongue Times Four
  • C Exercise – Matching
  • Right Hand Position
  • Walk Down to F – learning C, B, A, G, F
  • Walk Up to F – learning C, D, E, F

Unit 3: Building the Hands

  • Right Hand Position
  • Walk Down to F – Learning C, B, A, G, and Low F
  • Right Hand Even Exercise – C down to F
  • Walk Up to F – Learning D, E, and Whisper Key F
  • Left Hand Even Exercise – Whisper Key down to C
  • Play Along – 1 on, hold 1

Unit 4: Building the F Scale

  • Hot Cross Buns – Left Hand
  • Hot Cross Buns – Right Hand
  • Intro to Bb
  • Even Exercise – C down to F with Bb
  • Mary Had a Little Lamb with Bb
  • F Scale – 2 on 2 off

Unit 5: Building to the Bottom

  • Back to the Bocal – Low Vibrations
  • Basement Bassooning – learning below the staff
  • Scale Videos

Unit 6: Building the Chromatic

  • Filling in the Gaps – C#/Db and D#/Eb in the staff
  • Thumbs and Pinkies – learning G#/Ab and F#/Gb
  • Pinkie Swearing – Low D to Eb, Low C to Db
  • Plus Many More . . .
  • Oral Cavity 
  • Embouchure Essentials 
  • Body Position and the Chair
  • Assembly and Disassembly Trouble
  • Caring for the Instrument
  • Keep an eye on the Knuckles
  • Common Issues when Matching
  • What’s with the Extra Bb Key?
  • Troubles with Low Vibrations
  • What to look for in a bassoon reed
  • Plus more . . .

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